About us

Visit us here at the workshop in this 1913 renovated school building. We are open to the public, store hours are above. 

 Our pottery is made by pressing the flowers into the clay, hand cutting, shaping and drying the pieces, then ultimately hand painting, glazing and finishing them. In that mix are two or three firings up to 1800 degrees. The accessories shown here have another step which is making a master from the original clay impression so that we can make a form with an embedded design. From that we do the whole hand made process when the fresh flowers are just asleep beneath the ground.

Now there are 4 of us here, mostly mothers, mostly part time, all of us people who have to work with their hands to be happy. Two paint exclusively and they do the wedding commemoratives and most of the gallery pieces. The rest do every conceivable thing from unloading 3 tons of clay a couple of times a year, to making pieces, loading kilns, handling orders and painting when they get the chance.